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Hip Replacement Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be at the Surgery Center?

Up to 24 hours. Your surgeon may request that you go to a rehab facility following discharge from the center for further physical therapy or you may return home for at home physical therapy.

Can a family member stay with me?

Your family can stay with you until you are taken to the operating room. Your family may stay in the waiting room or leave and provide a contact number. Our staff can notify your family/friend when it is an appropriate time to return to stay with you. Your ride may want to bring a pillow and blanket for you for the car ride home.

What will my stay at the center be like?

You will most likely be “groggy” initially after surgery due to the medications you received in surgery. You will be transported from the recovery room to the overnight room once your anesthesiologist deems you sufficiently recovered from anesthesia to be moved. Your vital signs (blood pressure, temperature and pulse) and any drainage from your dressing or drain will be monitored by your nurse.

How long does surgery take?

Approximately 1 ½ to 3 hours. Some of this time is required for the anesthesiologist to make sure that you are comfortable, and for the nursing staff to take care of you immediately before and after surgery.

Do I have to bring a method of payment?

Yes. We make every attempt to work with your carrier to understand what your expected out of pocket will be. We will ask for this payment at the time of registration. You should receive a call within the week prior to surgery to let you know what we think this will be. You will also receive a bill from your surgeon, and anesthesiologist.

Do you provide meals?

Yes. We will take care of all meals during your stay. Nutritious choices, customized to your medical needs are delivered to you.

When can I eat?

Most patients do not feel hungry right away. Usually by the evening after surgery, they are ready to try solid food. Nausea may occur, but it is usually temporary. It is important to let your nurse know if you feel nauseated as there is medication which can minimize this.

When do I start Physical Therapy?

You will get up with physical therapy on the day of surgery. Remember that pain control is imperative. Usually by the next morning, you will be up and walking. Your nurse may give you pain medication about 30 minutes before your therapy session so that you can do as many exercises as possible. VERY IMPORTANT… YOU SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO GET OUT OF BED UNTIL YOUR SURGEON OR PHYSICAL THERAPIST GIVES YOU THE OK.